Danja Fundraising

It’s a busy time around Danja at the moment. There’s been a lot of small changes going on around the hospital, aimed at repairing and tidying up several areas of the property.

Ruth & Mark are very pleased with their repaired and newly painted office (bits of the old termite-ridden roof used to fall on you if you closed the door too hard!) Next door the injection room, where so many important treatments are given out daily, had its roof completely ripped out and replaced. Our director, Thomas, is rightly of the mind that although we’re cash strapped, we can do little things – like repainting the bathroom or clearing out old clutter – to greatly improve the look and feel of the place.

We’ve even got a shiny new front gate with the letters CSLF Danja proudly emblazoned across them. (In French, CSLF stands for Centre de Sante, Leprologie et Fistule – that is, Centre for Health, Leprosy and Fistula, the official name. Of course, everyone still just calls it Hôpital de Danja!)

Recently, we were asked if we could give some more specific information about the needs of Danja, particularly the health centre. As many people know, several factors have led to the clinic having a large margin of debt. Several steps are being taken to address this, and many people at home have shown an interest in praying for Danja and finding out more.

We’ve produced a single-sided A4 flyer which explains very briefly the situation, and how you can help.

You can download a high quality version here (1.1MB)

Or you can get a low quality version here (115KB)

It’s probably worth explaining briefly how SIM’s finance structure broadly works. Some mission organisations – such as one of our partners here at Danja, The Leprosy Mission – practice broad fundraising: that is to say, you donate to TLM, and they administer the funding to staff and projects like a normal business, though there’s also the choice to give to a specific need. It’s very effective in many cases. SIM works a little differently.

When people donate to SIM it works the other way around. You can give directly to a sending office (e.g. SIM UK, SIM USA, SIM Canada) but funding is structured through project accounts. Donations fund projects, not missionaries – we raise our own support ourselves. Therefore, the  advantage is that you can give with extreme specificity to CSLF Danja – that is, the hospital – by quoting its project number, #86775.


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2 thoughts on “Danja Fundraising

  1. Anita McCormick on said:

    Thank you Peter and Ruth. I have printed the SIM flyer and we hope to get our Bible study group here in Idaho to pray for the people that you all serve as well as make a financial contribution. It sounds like Thomas has jumped in and is making some good changes. We pray that you all are doing well. Blessings, Cal and Anita McCormick

    • Hey anita thanks so much it would be great to have the support of your home group- just a wee note we have put the contact number on the bottom of the page for the SIM ireland office but if people from USA wish to give they can do so via http://www.simusa.org quoting the project number on the form. Also Peter has now finished the new SIM niger website if you want to have a look and pass on the details of it to people who want to pray or would consider coming here. It gives details of all of the SIM projects in niger it’s http://www.sim.ne.

      How are you both keeping? How are you settling back into life at home? We miss you both here. thanks for getting in touch.


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