Danja Fundraising: More leaflets – and the video!

With the Danja publicity machine cranking up the gears, here are some more materials which we’ve been cooking up recently, following on from those we blogged about earlier this month.

Key at the moment is the need for more doctors – both short and longer term – to think about coming to Danja. To help, we’ve produced another one page flyer with all the necessary facts and figures.

You can download/view the Doctors for Danja flyer here. (1.6MB)

After several enquiries, we’ve also created a US-friendly version of the flyer we produced earlier about the hospital itself.

You can download the high quality US flyer here. (1.1MB)

Last but not least – six weeks ago we decided to (finally) make a short publicity video, specifically about CSLF Danja (that is, the hospital), its successes and the challenges it faces as an institution. You can watch the final product below – or click through to Vimeo and you can download it. We’d really like to encourage friends and family to share this around, and help us raise awareness of Danja and its mission.


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2 thoughts on “Danja Fundraising: More leaflets – and the video!

  1. Jim and Betsy McClure on said:

    Jim & Betsy here . We were in Niger in 1997 with our son Brian . Betsy was working in the Danja hospital and My son Brian And myself worked at the Maradi SIM compound repairing what was broken.At that time Betsy undertook to send funds from time to time to assist with the on site medical training. I repair clocks and send the proceeds through sim to your hospital.AS IT HAS BEEN A VERY LONG TIME SINCE WE HAVE HEARD frm Danja we wonder if the funds are still being received . We don,t send much but would like to know if you are reiving the funds and what use they are put to. Thanks JIM BETSY AND BRIAN

  2. Hello McClures – it’s a privilege for us that you have come across our blog! We will certainly try and look in to that for you.

    In terms of donations given, ministries ‘in the field’ simply receive lump sums from sending offices; so rather than receiving a record of every single donation, Danja instead receives a single regular ‘lump sum’ payment from each sending office, made up of collected donations.

    This makes it hard – at this end – to know what has come from who; so that is probably a query only the local office can help you with. However, we can certainly help you with details of what donations go towards.

    The CSLF Danja project directly funds the hospital, the dispensary and the leprosy work, amongst other things. This includes all the necessary supplies, staff wages, and maintenance of the buildings. Simply put, your donations to this project help serve around 45,000 patients who come for healthcare every year.

    If you want more details, you can contact Peter directly – petehuey(at)gmail(dot)com. I (Peter) will do whatever I can to help with any more queries. Thank you so much for supporting the work here!

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