Sunday Evenings

Each Sunday evening, we have an informal church gathering. Depending on who is here, the size has bounced around a lot this year. Once a month we have a joint service with the folk from Maradi and Maza Tsaye compounds, and during the summer there must have been well over 50 bodies in the room. We’re also regularly joined by folk from other missions working nearby.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been very thin on the ground out at Danja, so it was good to travel in to Maradi last Sunday for a joint meeting. Someone had asked what our Sunday evenings look like. I’m not sure they meant literally, but here’s a picture nonetheless!

It’s been a really interesting and varied moment each week; we take it in turns to lead the meetings, so there’s been a range of styles of topics. Some of the best are those where the speaker shares from experience or stories they’ve seen or heard. With such a wide range of people from across the globe serving here, we’ve had a lot of different, inspiring and thought-provoking times together this year.


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