…And We’re Back.

Back in Northern Ireland, that is.

Firstly, an apology for a comparatively quiet December. After striving to blog weekly all year long, life overtook us in the last couple of weeks at Danja.

Amongst other events was the leaving party for Drs Mark & Ruth. A large number of people gathered to eat, dance and listen.

It's not a Danja party without the Danja band!

It’s not a Danja party without the Danja band!

Many of the hospital staff. Some were presented with awards to mark three years of attendance at weekly training sessions.

Many of the hospital staff. Some were presented with awards to mark three years of attendance at weekly training sessions.

That weekend, we found that the headaches Peter had been suffering were actually symptoms of malaria, so he had a couple of days in bed after that! Our last week at Danja was a blur of finishing up and spending time with people. We had a particularly sad moment when we said goodbye to our house helpers on the Monday morning as we left – two ladies who we had seen and spent a lot of time with this year.

Our final few days in Niger were split, as we opted to stop at Galmi on the way through for a few days. It was great to see many friends, eat and spend time with them again. We’ve felt very blessed to have been able to take time and return to Galmi several times through the year for R&R. After that, we were able to spend three days in Niamey before our final departure for home.

After a long day’s travel, we arrived back in Belfast in time for Christmas! It was a wonderful time to return as the holidays meant that so many of our friends and family were off work and available to visit. The last couple of weeks have been a combination of visits, job applications and interviews. We’re not quite sure what or where the future holds, but we’re trusting in God’s provision.

In February (and probably March) we plan to try and visit more of the churches and groups who supported us this year. We’ve already been able to informally drop in on a few different groups. On Sunday 27th January (at 6pm) we will be speaking at the evening service in Killowen Parish Church, up in Coleraine. We’ll be cracking out some pictures and video, and sharing a bit about what God has shown us over the last twelve months. Please come along if you can.

Notice about other opportunities to hear about our time away will appear here on the blog. However, its otherwise time to draw down the curtains on our blogging adventures in Niger! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and followed our work in 2012. We look forward to meeting and seeing so many of you now in 2013!

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